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Ted K.  Type: Residential Electric

8 KW ground mount array with battery backup and generator Buena Vista CO

Solarado Energy / Eco Depot USA where contracted to install a 4 panel solar thermal system in 2009 and 21-panel Ground mounted Solar electric installation in 2013 with a battery backup power system that is scalable to a larger output for future use. The project was started in October after numerous approvals (allow time in your schedule) and permits were obtained. The approval process took approximately one month.
The project is Grid tied allowing for automatic switchover during a potential grid outage. The project was completed within 90 days, typical for a ground mounted solar collector. Eco Depot has many years experience in this kind of installation having done numerous residential installations in Colorado and large commercial arrays as well, notably, for the University of Colorado and others. These folks are very experienced, easy to work with and reliable.

Ted K

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