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Harry C.  Type: Residential Electric

- from SolarReviews.com

Rating: Excellent Date Reviewed: 07/02/2008


I first contacted a solar company out of Golden, CO. I think one of the largest in the state at that time. They asked me to send them some data and they would send me some estimates. I contacted Curtis Scheib of Eco depot USA now Solarado Energy for another bid. After meeting him I didn`t send the first company any info--didn`t like the impersonal nature of their response. Curtis made an appt. w/ me, came up and spent about 2 hours looking at what I had and talked to me about what I wanted to achieve. He went back and worked up a proposal and we had to tweak it a couple of times. They also put in a solar thermal system for me and they came up and worked on it and got it installed as scheduled. Xcel, my utility co., gave us several hoops to jump thru that they had not encounter before, so the process getting my net meter in place took a little longer than expected but the system is up and running and is providing me w/ up to 45.5 kwh/day. That`s the most it has produced that I have seen in one 24 hr period. These guys are the best around would use them again and highly recommend!

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