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Louis P.  Type: Residential Electric

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Rating: Excellent Date Reviewed: 05/22/2010


The company owners are obviously expert in every aspect of the alternative/solar energy industry. In our experience, it is very rare and satisfying to find a REAL expert to work with.

The things that set Solarado Energy apart and make me comfortable with them are: 1) They have a certified electrician on staff- 2) The owner has (or has had) other successful businesses (many solar "professionals" that I`ve met are installing PV simply because they can`t do anything else)- 3) When I call or e-mail them someone calls back right away every time (some companies won`t call back during the sales process - imagine how unresponsive they are to service calls)- 4) I had to study some, but I was able to ask a question of Mr. Scheib that he couldn`t answer. He said he didn`t know (Yes!) and quickly got back to me with the correct answer (Hurray!!!)- 5) They do small to medium sized commercial installations as well as residential (since they can do the big jobs, my 4KW project was no challenge).

My house and 20`x30` greenhouse is of conventional construction, but will be 100% solar (solar heat and solar electricity) after completion of the hot water heating improvement that they are working on. Our heating system has become quite complex, and given my experience with other solar guys, I would trust no one other than these guys with it.

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