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Jim Tucker  Type: Residential Electric

After contacting several local solar installers, we selected Curtis at Eco Depot, mostly due to his reasonable bid and that he would do the thermal we wanted.

Every component of the installed systems is top-notch, as is the quality of installation. For our installation, we were most concerned about the thermal system, mostly due to the complexity and difficulty of installation. Curtis''s knowledge of thermal solar systems put us at ease, and even more so during actual installation. While other installers we talked with contract out their thermal systems to mostly local plumbers, Curtis designed and installed this part himself (along with the PV side). It now works flawlessly.

Curtis is easy to work with and will spend the time during and after installation to ensure the customer can manage and monitor the operation of the systems. His philosophy is to maintain a small company with only a couple of employees. This approach takes longer to install systems, but facilitates more customized systems tailored to individual customer needs and I think a more personal relationship between the installer and customer.

He also managed to hit his estimates to the penny, even with unforeseen difficulties during the installation process. We asked for several extras during the project, which he accommodated for us at very reasonable cost.

I can highly recommend Curtis at Eco Depot (now Solarado Energy) to others wanting to install solar systems in the vicinity. He clearly puts customers first.

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