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SolarWorldSolarado Energy is proud to be a SolarWorld Authorized Installer. Made in the USA

olarado Energy has over twenty years worth of satisfied clients and customers. Below are some photos and testimonials from a sampling of our many projects.

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Solar Reviews for Eco Depot USA

The number of satisifed customers continues to grow every year. We would love you to be one of them. Contact us and learn how you too can plug in to the sun!

Residential Solar Reviews:

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Colorado University Facilities Management  Type: Commercial Electric

John Paul Robb & Moe Tabrizi
Rating: 4.93 Date Reviewed: Reviews for projects at CU Boulder 2009 2010 and 2011

In 2009 we decided to install a grid intertie system for our Mountain Research Center. After releasing an RFP we chose Eco Depot USA / Solarado Energy following an extensive review process. Their attention to detail and professionalism was the one of the reasons we chose them in 2010 to build a custom solar carport for the CU dorms. This was a 100 Kw custom system design and installed all within less than two months. We also contracted with them again in 2011 to do another solar carport and ballast mount for the Center for Community building on the main campus. This system helped the building achieve LEED platinum status and is a shining example of CU’s sustainability initiative. We enjoyed working with them and are very pleased with all the work they have done.

Solbox™ Solar Microgrid Remote Solar Features & Review

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KarenD - "Been green before it was cool"
Rating: 5.00 Date: 04/30/2014

"We've been off grid since 2000, we recently had quite a few problems with our system and decided to upgrade from a 24v to a 48v system. Curtis explained everything to us very clearly. Got our new system installed and everything is up and running well."

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